How to get dust off your brush?

Don't you just hate it when you get dust onto your paint brush? You are doing a door and forgot to clean the top or bottom, you miussed a piece of dust or the sticky remainders of a spider web in the corner of the window sill. Or you simply dropped it to the floor.

Now don't say that never happened to you, we all have a clumsy moment, or two ;-) 

it is possibly one of the the most annoying things that can happen while painting. It´s difficult and time consuming to get the dust out of the bristles of the paint brush as it sticks to the paint and the paint sticks to the brush.

You get dirty fingertips if you try to remove it with your hand and it is often difficult to isolate the dusty part and remove it. Some painters even bin a brush once contaminated.

From a Dutch professional painter we received a tip that we did not see coming...

He told us he uses our brush conservation gel (see Store and Go) and briefly tips in the part of the brush that is contaminated.

He makes sure there a layer of gel over the dusty part. Now he wipes off the gel on the edge of the waste pot (or an empty tin) and wipes it off once more with a cloth.

Now, all the gel is removed and the dust with it. as is the paint that was on the outside of the brush.

This trick only requires a tiny bit of brush conservation gel and is carried out in less then a minute, without getting your hands dirty!

Of course we checked it ourselves and it works absolutely flawlessly! 


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