Paint kettle with disposable liners: Paint and Go

Paint kettle with disposable liners: Paint and Go
Paint kettle with disposable liners: Paint and Go

As a professional painter you want to work as effectively as possible. This includes easy mobility. The Paint and Go is a paint kettle containing a plastic insert. It’s light and the wide opening means it’s much easier to use than a paint can. This means you can also use a paint grid and 10 cm paint and varnish rollers. Decanting paint also means you take only the amount of paint you need from the main can. The rest remains cleanly stored in the can.

You can use the system with the accompanying brush clips and covers. After painting you click the brushes into a brush clip. The optional Connect and Go ring allows you to use a Go!Paint insert as a lid. This means your paint kettle is also a storage container.

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“An absolutely brilliant product!! I bought this system two years ago and now I want nothing else. It saves time and money because you can store unused paint in the can for some time. This means you no longer lose paint through repeated cleaning and pouring unused paint back into the can.”


Liners for Paint and Go
Fits into a 2,5 ltr paint kettle, for a quick colour change
Article number 
300761 MAAT
Brushclips white
Fits on a liner. For 2 brushes
Article number 
307500 WIT
Connect and Go ring grey
Fits on a liner, for connecting Stainless steel brush clips
Article number 
3650 GR
Lid for liner
To keep the paint clean and fresh
Article number 

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