The easiest paintbrush holder: Brush Magnet

The easiest paintbrush holder: Brush Magnet
The easiest paintbrush holder: Brush Magnet

The flexible Brush Magnet always comes in handy. 

This versatile brush clip easily holds a paintbrush, roller or putty knife in the position you want it to be.

Connect it to a paint can and hoover the brush over the paint or with its bristles in the paint.

The clip is strong and flexible, so it can also be attached to a non-magnetic plastic paint bucket. Simply keep a brush standing-by on the side so it is not in the way while using a roller and will not fall over in the paint.

The magnets on both ends of the strip are strong enough to hold a cylindrical or oval brush and even the metal frame of a roller.

The Brush Magnet allows you to park a paintbrush everywhere, anytime. 

Isn't that easy?


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Both ends of the Brush Magnet contain strong magnets.
The core is strong and flexible, so the clip holds it position after bending it.
By bending and folding, you can fit it on any tin can, pail, tray or bucket, even plastic ones.
The surface is made from a soft rubberlike elastomere and will not damage the can or brush.

Be careful with magnets!

Magnets could affect the functioning of pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators.
If you wear these devices keep sufficient distance to magnets.
Warn others who wear these devices from getting too close to magnets.

Magnets could damage TVs and laptops, computer hard drives, credit and ATM cards, data storage media, mechanical watches, hearing aids and speakers. 
Keep magnets away from devices and objects that could be damaged by strong magnetic fields.

  • Two strong magnets
  • Flexible, firm core
  • Soft rubberlike surface


  • Hoovering the brush over the paint
  • Easy to bend in any position
  • Easy to clean, does not damage the tools




Award winning professional decorator Nick Hammut, Rushmoor Painting & Decorating

This little Go!Paint brush magnet is a cracking little addition as well and is much better than those horrible plastic ones I've used before.

What are the dimensions of the Brush Magnet?

Length 128 mm
Width 30 mm (magnetic areas), 22 mm (strip)
Thickness 6 mm (magnetic areas), 2 mm (strip)

Can I use the Brush Magnet to hold a cylindrical or oval (sash) brush too?

Yes the magnets are strong enough to hold a cylindrical or oval brush, as long as the ferrule is made from steel. Tip: too much paint on either the Brush Magnet or the ferrule of the brush will result in a reduction of the strenght of the magnet, so keep both surfaces more or less clean.

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