Painting when it is cold, with a FlowControl

Painting when it is cold, with a FlowControl
Painting when it is cold, with a FlowControl

The FlowControl warms your paint to the ideal working temperature. This means you can use the paint exactly as intended by the paint manufacturer, with the ideal shine and optimal surface protection.

Paint manufacturers specify the temperature at which their paint should be used. If the temperature is lower, the viscosity of the paint will increase – it will become syrupy. While it is possible to thin the paint, this leads to a loss of shine and a thinner paint coat.

Only the FlowControl allows you to use the quality of your paint optimally without additives. And because you can work at lower temperatures, you can make significant time savings.

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  • Warms the paint
  • Adjustable temperature (18-30⁰C)
  • Battery life of half to one whole working day*
  • No thinning necessary
  • Optimal viscosity, even on colder days
  • Time saving
  • Proper coat thickness and shine
  • Comfortable working with unthinned paint

* The battery life depends on the set temperature, outside temperature, wind, quantity and initial temperature of the paint

Marinus Mensink, application specialist at Akzo Nobel Sikkens :

“The paint quality is guaranteed even in the autumn and winter. Thinning is a thing of the past.”

Chris Thwaites, owner Chris Thwaites Decorating

"I bought the Go!Paint FlowControl this week, I used it when applying Sikkens white gloss ,the difference when the paint has been warmed up really makes it so easy to put on and faster. I recommend buying this product. I used the same paint a couple of days before without the FlowControl the paint was cold it was hard work, when I was painting panel doors inside, very good product." (review placed on on 20-2-2016)


Mark Roberts, owner of Mark Roberts Decorating

"I use the flow control for a large part of my working day, which is hand painting kitchens, it is perfect for creating the right ambient temperature for the paint, helping to create a flawless finish."


Sander Aarts, Moonen Maintenance and Repair

“With the FC I can work faster because the paint flows better and is easier and faster to handle and gives the ideal coat thickness. It´s an investment in better quality. It also pays for itself because you use less paint than with a conventional can.”

Wouter van Lunteren, Van Lunteren Painting and Spraying Company

“Thanks to this product I can work on location with paint that has exactly the same product features as in the paint manufacturer´s application lab. The paint can be applied more lightly, flows better, gives sharper edges and dries much better. I estimate that I can paint around +/- 30% faster on a good day. This means the cost is recouped in no time.”

Wim Finke, Kwaliteit Painting Group

“It helps you apply the correct coat thickness. You see no stripes at all, it just flows perfectly.”

Roelof Ham, R Ham Odd-job Service

“I was able to paint outside with a high gloss at 3 or 4 degrees. It works perfectly. The paint stays thin and easy to apply. You get a great result that´s completely free of dew and damp patches.”

Randy Smeets, RS Painting

“I was worried at first that it would be heavy, but once you start working it´s really not a problem. You can also hang it conveniently on a hook on the ladder.”

Will Herreijgers, Herreijgers Painting, Historic Building Painters and Mousseline Glass

“Today I used the heated paint kettle from Go!Paint for the first time. I immediately bought a second one. What a great way to paint. You can achieve good viscosity when it´s cold or windy like today without thinning. There´s no loss of gloss or colour due to adding thinner. In short: beautiful, full paintwork, even on days that are not ideal for painting.”

Two weeks later:

“We are now using two of them and the results we have achieved are astonishing. Last week we painted a front door with unthinned but warmed paint. This worked great, the paint flowed well and produced a beautiful, full, high gloss finish.

By promoting the paint kettle to our customers as a way of achieving a full coat of paint even when the weather is not ideal, they have also started to offer more work.”

Battery for FlowControl
22,2 V Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack
Article number 
376 FC-B01
Charger for FlowControl.
Article number 
376 FC-C01
Standard liner fits in the FlowControl and 2,5 ltr paint kettles.
Article number 
300761 MAAT
Connect and Go ring, grey
Fits on a liner, to connect other liner as lid, can also be used in combination with stainless steel brush clips
Article number 
3650 GR
Fit directly on a liner, no need for a Connect and Go ring. One clip for two brushes.
Article number 
307500 WIT

How can I work as long as possible with a single battery charge?

Store the paint at room temperature if possible. This means you don´t need to warm it up first.
Start with warm water (<70 degrees Celsius) in the reservoir.
Choose a lower temperature setting on the FlowControl.
Work with small amounts of paint, for example half a litre.
Work out of the wind and cover the FlowControl during breaks.
If possible, warm the surface before you start painting.

Does it also work with water-based paints and varnishes?

Yes, heating the paint causes the molecules in the paint to move faster, which makes it more fluid. Water-based paints are generally less affected by low temperatures than solvent-based paints and varnishes. However, there are many painters who still use the FlowControl inside whenever optimal fluidity is important. Consider for example painting kitchen cabinets, where sharp edges, gloss retention and optimal protection are very important.

Can I paint however low the temperature is provided my paint is warm enough?

No, it´s very important that you do not paint outside when the outside temperature is below the dew point. Otherwise the surface will be too damp. In freezing conditions you should certainly not paint.

Will the low temperature of the surface cause problems?

When you apply the paint it will quickly take on the same temperature as the surface you are painting. However, warm paint is easier to apply – for example, you can apply a line in one movement that would otherwise require three. You should therefore apply the paint with relatively rapid movements.
If you are able to warm the surface first to some extent, for example using infra-red lamps or by working in the sun, then painting will be even easier.

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It can be very difficult to paint if it´s very warm outside and the sun is shining strongly on the paint cans and the surface...

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