Paint cup with liners for any miniroller paint job: Roll and Go S

Paint cup with liners for any miniroller paint job: Roll and Go S
Paint cup with liners for any miniroller paint job: Roll and Go S

With the Roll and Go S you carry your paint, roller and brush in one hand. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of a paint tray that you can’t place anywhere on your ladder, or always having to bend down to reach it. The integrated rolling surface is vertical, which allows you to roll evenly. Unused paint flows directly back into the reservoir. Whenever you need to use the brush, just place the roller in the hollow handle – or vice versa.

It’s ideal for intensive jobs in difficult-to-reach places such as fascia boards, kitchen cabinets, boats and doors. You can store your roller or brush and the paint in the Roll and Go, so you can immediately continue the next day.

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  • Benefits
  • User experiences
  • Video
  • Accessories
  • Ergonomic
  • Stable
  • Two compartments
  • Integrated rolling surface
  • With disposable liners
  • No spills
  • Everything at hand
  • Disposable liners make the system economical
  • Fast changeover thanks to disposable liners
  • Separate roller racks unnecessary




Ario van der Zande, Azzurro Painting

“Since the addition of the handy liners I use the Roll and Go for all the projects for which I use both a mini roller and brush. There are a lot of these as I like to apply the paint with a mini roller and then go over this with a soft brush to remove the orange peel texture of the roller. It´s a fantastic thing!”


Disposable liner for Roll and Go
Set of 3 pieces
Article number 
Lid for Roll and Go
Available in different colours
Article number 
387017 GL
Brush Clip white
Fits on the Roll and Go. One clip for two brushes.
Article number 
307500 WIT

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