Eco friendly and effective Brush Cleaner

Eco friendly and effective Brush Cleaner
Eco friendly and effective Brush Cleaner

Brush Cleaner is the most effective liquid for cleaning your brushes – even if you work with the latest generation of fast-drying water-based paint systems. The cleaning is deeper and more thorough than with water and – unlike water – it will not start to smell.


Brush Cleaner is also an environmentally-friendly alternative to cleaning with turpentine when working with alkyd paints. In addition: you can clean only once with turpentine, while Brush Cleaner allows you to clean your brush up to seven times. You therefore also save money. For best results, use Brush Cleaner in conjunction with the Clean and Go. Briefly rinse or squeeze the brush after use.


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  • Cleans brush bristles
  • For acrylic and alkyd paints and varnishes
  • Environmentally-friendly formula
  • Use up to seven times more than turpentine


  • Brush bristles clean and supple quickly
  • Complete system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Saves money



Neal Harper, decorator and owner of Handy Harper Handyman Services

"As a professional painter using expensive brushes, having a brush cleaner that is ecologically sound and efficiently effective for all paint types is the ‘Holy Grail’.

Having dismissed all other water based cleaners (they don’t work!) I believe I have found the ‘Holy Grail’!

Go!Paint’s concentrated paint brush cleaner works so well I believe it even out performs traditional White Spirit. No horrible smell, much kinder to the environment and as it is re-usable multiple times when used in conjunction with Go!Paint cleaning systems, is more cost effective."

Does this cleaner also work with hog bristle brushes?

Although you can use the cleaner with hog bristle brushes, the disadvantage of cleaning with water-based fluids is that the bristles will eventually start to assume their natural curl. You will therefore achieve a better result with synthetic paint brushes. If you nevertheless want to use it with hog bristle brushes, be sure to work quickly and dab the brush dry after rinsing. You can also store hog bristle brushes in the Store and Go gel immediately, even without cleaning them.

Does this cleaner get Zinsser BIN off my brush?

We have tested a brush used with Zinsser BIN. We put it in a Clean and Go filled with undiluted Brush Cleaner and kept it in for about 24 hours. Firmly flexing the brush over the grid in the Clean and Go got the brush back in good condition.
You may want to test for yourself, because there may be differences in bristle types or time before cleaning. Or it may take several times of repeating the cleaning procedure, but we believe it is possible to prevent binning the brush.

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