Clean paint rollers fast and easy with Roller Cleaner

Clean paint rollers fast and easy with Roller Cleaner
Clean paint rollers fast and easy with Roller Cleaner

The best way to clean your roller after using wall paint is with the Roller Cleaner.

You first use the scraper on the Roller Cleaner to remove as much paint as possible from the roller. You then insert the roller into the sleeve, fix the handle in place and attach it to a standard garden hose connector. Turn on the tap and thirty seconds later, your roller is clean. If necessary, turn the roll a quarter turn and repeat the procedure. The Roller Cleaner is available in 38 and 44 mm diameters (short-pile and long-pile) and is suitable for rollers up to 25 cm long.

NOTE: We are out of stock and will not sell this product again soon, as we believe they should only be used with a proper water filtrage system in place. Please be aware that paint must never end up in the sewer. 


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  • Creates high water pressure
  • Virtually hands free
  • Deep roller cleaning
  • Quick cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • No paint, dust or fluff particles in roller




Richard Willot, Master Decorator and owner of FX Decor

“Superb bit of kit. Timesaver!”


Is the Roller Cleaner also suitable for Dutch and Belgian wall paint rollers?

Dutch and Belgian rollers often have a hole on both sides for the handle. This means some of the water flow will pass through the roller. This will adversely affect operation.
A simple and effective solution is to close the hole with a small amount of putty on the side of the roller that is inserted in the roller cleaner. This is a bit odd but it works great!
(chewing gum also works)

My wall paint roller looks much thicker than the Roller Cleaner, will it fit?

The Roller Cleaner is available in two diameters. The fluff on the roller is greatly compressed when the roller is pushed into the Roller Cleaner. Thick rollers usually fit perfectly into the widest Roller Cleaner.

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