Pouring paint and emptying the can: Pour and Go

Pouring paint and emptying the can: Pour and Go
Pouring paint and emptying the can: Pour and Go

Every painter will recognise it: pouring paint properly is difficult. With the Pour and Go you can pour the paint cleanly and simply into a more manageable paint kettle, mixing container or spray gun. When pouring, (almost) no paint ends up in the rim of your paint can, even when pouring into a roller tray or paint kettle. You can then close the paint can again to make it airtight, without the paint becoming dirty or drying out.

The Pour and Go is also widely used to pour expensive colour pastes into the paint mixer without wastage.

Suitable for cans of 0.75 and 1.0 litres.

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  • Maximum emptying of paint can
  • No spills
  • Clean rim
  • Saves paint (and therefore money)
  • Neat pouring and dosing
  • Prevents skin formation and drying out in the can





Is this product also available for larger cans?

We are busy working on this!

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