Professional paint scuttle with liners: Roll and Go XL

Professional paint scuttle with liners: Roll and Go XL
Professional paint scuttle with liners: Roll and Go XL

The Roll and Go XL is a stable paint scuttle with two compartments: one for rolling paint and another for your other materials. You take everything at once when you climb the ladder or platform. The Roll and Go XL is so stable that it won’t tip over, even if you use the roller with a telescopic pole and press it firmly against the integrated rolling tray.

The special liners mean you can use the scuttle again and again. Cleaning is also quicker because you no longer need to rinse. The handy pouring corner allows you to pour the paint over the floor easily, or back into the can. So: less waste, less cost and less cleaning. And no annoying paint particles in the scuttle when it’s time for the next job.

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  • Stable
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Tooltalk, The Decorator June-July 2016 (journal), review by Wayne de Wet

"A tough, durable trade quality roller scuttle.

A classic design with some very interesting features. The Roll and Go XL liners are a snug fit and made of thin, durable plastic foil, which folds into itself making disposal easy!"


Matt Beynon, Beynons Brushes painting and decorating

on instagram @thepainterman_mattb_2020

Awesome and saves up space in the van!


Peter Patrick, Red Ink Creative, Belfast

On instagram @beardedpainter

I got sent one of these for the Raffle I’m running, I’m going to buy one for myself I liked it that much ❤️


Liner for Roll and Go XL
Set of 5 pieces
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How many litres of paint fit in the Roll and Go XL?

A maximum of 8 litres will fit in the large container. You can use this volume extremely efficiently because no paint disappears behind a rolling rack as is the case in a normal paint bucket. In this sense you can easily compare this container to a 10 or 12 litre paint bucket.

Can I purchase the liners separately?

Yes, the liners are sold separately in sets of 5.

Are the liners resistant to all sorts of paint and varnish?

The liners are made from plastic with a high resistance to chemicals (PET). You should be able to use all conventional solvent-based and water-based paints and varnishes, even 2K systems. If you use very special coatings or if you are in doubt, try first with a small quantity.

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With a simple action you can add even more functionality to the Roll and Go XL. Attach a magnetic strip to the solid container...

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