Roll and Go Tray 12 and 25

Roll and Go Tray 12 and 25
Roll and Go Tray 12 and 25

With the Roll and Go Tray 12 or 25, you can easily complete any small painting job with a brush and roller. The sloped rolling surface ensures that the paint is perfectly distributed across the roller, and allows excess paint to return to the reservoir itself.When you hang the roller on the raised edge with the handle, or place it in the rear section, the whole paint area is easily accessible with a brush.This stable paint tray is much stronger than normal trays, which means it can also easily be held in your hand.

The sturdy tray and ultra-thin disposable liners are both made from 100% recycled plastic. The disposable liner fits inside both sections, which makes starting and cleaning up very rapid.


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  • Benefits
  • User experiences
  • Accessories
  • Sturdy
  • Two sections
  • Elevated roller grid
  • 100% Recycled


  • Easily to be held in your hand.
  • Lots of space for paint, roller and brush
  • Optimal distribution of paint on roller
  • No need to clean, because of disposable liners



Perfect roller tray

"I love to use this tray when I paint doors, It's just perfect!"

Gavin Howe, professional decorator



Liners for TRAY 12
Set of 5 disposable liners for Roll and Go TRAY 12
Article number 
Liners for TRAY 25
Set of 5 disposable liners for Roll and Go TRAY 25
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